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GPS Software and the Android OS

March 25, 2011

This is a topic that is near and dear to me as I love to try to show people how to save money and maximize their computers of any kind... Well this is one sure fire way to do it and what better a way then to use your android device as a GPS... THATS RIGHT as the title said show is all about GPS Software on the android OS. If at the very least if you have anyone sitting in the back seat asking "we there yet?, we there yet?, how much farther?" or you have someone sitting beside you that likes to be a side seat driver or try to tell you where to go... you have back up to tell this person where to go.  So with out wasting any more time... here's episode number 5...

Oh ya BTW I am going to leave a weeks time between new shows as I have now done 3 episodes in the same week and well from what I have been getting feed back on I need to slow down on them... so I will leave these up for a week and then you will see that one of them will disappear to be replaced with a new show...

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